Sandrine Vrancken

Sandrine Vrancken jewerly is an intricate part of her . Making Jewerly started off as a game when she was a child and then continued with her girlfriends when she was a teenager and found her passing her time in La Droguerie in Rue du Jour, Paris buying pearls and scavenging for strange and rare pieces at flea markets to make her necklaces. A passion that has continued as a creative outlet until her friends started ordering her unique pieces and then word of mouth led to her creations being sold in some trendy shops. Her pieces are romantic, warm and colorful, she uses semi precious stones and rhinestones, woven together in an original way, always with a hint of her French background and a touch of her wanderlust and passion of art and love for Italy which, has been her favorite place for many years now to live and work.

Sandrine has always worked in fashion, first as a buyer and later as a stylist for numerous magazines and she loves to try to capture the nuances of beauty through plaiting , semi precious stones and colored threads woven together with metal chains and Swarovski crystals ...

Today, she presents a very colorful collection inspired by her travels , a painting , a film, a piece of music , her environment and popular culture. All these elements stimulate her creativity and are expressed through the intensity of colors combined with chains and Swarovski rhinestones and result in a unique, recognizable and cheerfully elegant collection.